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Review Your View On Amsterdam

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Because 14020 is about honest Amsterdam’s news we have our own view on the tourist problem, especially the drinking, using drugs and snorting coke tourists. I Amsterdam (the organization of the municipality of Amsterdam that markets Amsterdam internationally) sniffs out millions of euros in subsidies. They came up with a new image campaign to keep unpleasant tourists out of Amsterdam. Strange, because the same I Amsterdam has received tens of millions in recent years to invite them to the city. The campaigns to keep tourists away have been failing for several years. Anyway, the civil servants of I Amsterdam also have to eat. Now, they have come up with a new campaign video (the umpteenth) which gave us a really good laugh. In fact, it is a disguised promo to attract even more tourists to the our city. Moreover, the already failed film has cost a lot of money. Klick on the link to their campaign video of I Amsterdam, “Renew your view”. And here’s the link to what I Amsterdam writes about their campaign.

14020 has also made its own image campaign video; As in reality and it costs € 0.00! We can’t make it any cheaper!

Text continues under the movie, “Review your view”.

Our vision: come to Amsterdam, have fun around the Red Light District, after all, we have the most beautiful girls, boys and LGBTQIA+ community in Amsterdam. Order via WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal, COKE, Keta, XTC, Magic Mushrooms, LSD, speed etc. Within 20 minutes it will be delivered to the front door of your hotel, Airbnb, tent or the car you’re sleeping: success guaranteed. The quality appears to be excellent. Amsterdam is now the home of drug barons. Medellín is nothing like it: a warm welcome!

But seriously. If you plan to come and party, stay away or go somewhere else. Amsterdam is ‘Hell on Earth’. It stinks because of the garbage dumps attracting many rats, another urban pest. City center residents cannot sleep because of the noise, living is expensive, parking is overcharged, most restaurants and bars are ’tourist traps’ and drain your credit cards. There are many criminals and fake dealers who sell washing powder. Realize that there is a large exodus of residents, because the neighborhood is no longer livable ánd unaffordable due to gentrification.

Young people who come for the so-called alternative culture do not have to be here because it was all premeditated and heavily subsidized by councilors for and by their friends. Many free cultural spaces have been destroyed by the big money from real estate developers and with the cooperation of the municipality they sell the land at a high price.

Again, please don’t come to Amsterdam for your shit. If you want to pay a visit to a museum or to enjoy the beautiful canals, you are very welcome.

Have a nice trip in Amsterdam.

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